Category: Meditation

Inspired by a wish for World Peace

Recently when a friend asked what I wanted for my birthday, my instant response was “World Peace” . Everyone present, including me, laughed, because it sounded like such a clichéd Beauty pageant response.🤩 Everyone was probably tickled by the image of a super model with tiara on her head👑, hands...

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When the weary body rests in deep sleep, the true self rises to merge with its source and rest for a while. Upon awakening the same body –mind feels recharged, rejuvenated. Ready again to face the trials and tribulations of the manifest world. While we may seek pleasurable experiences and seek to...

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Time of your Life

As many of the 90 odd women came and spoke to me after I ended the workshop with them a few days back, I realized I had touched a chord in them. They had been so caught up being Mothers and wives and daughters in law and the many other relationships that defined them, that they hadn’t come face to...

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Nothing is impossible.

As a 10 or 11 year old many years back I had seen a coaster which had a weird looking graphic man holding up a pencil or something saying – Who says nothing is impossible, I have been doing nothing for years! At that age when life was all about doing well in studies, scoring marks, winning awards...

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The healing power of Trust

Anyone who has known betrayal knows the long period of helpless hurting that follows. Whether the betrayal is of a spouse/lover who cheated on you, a friend who bad mouthed you instead of confronting you with his/her opinion, the Boss who did not stand up to the review board for your promotion...

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The Importance of being Earnest

Earnestness and sincerity have often gotten my attention even more than talent has. I have found myself to have more patience with people when their attitude is right even if on the aptitude front they may not make the cut. What I thought was probably a desirable psychological aspect, I realize...

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