When the weary body rests in deep sleep, the true self rises to merge with its source and rest for a while. Upon awakening the same body –mind feels recharged, rejuvenated. Ready again to face the trials and tribulations of the manifest world. While we may seek pleasurable experiences and seek to avoid all that we deem sorrowful and sad, this soul is always rejoicing; Rejoicing in the experiencing!


It is why it came down into the realm of the physical, to feel – to feel pain and pleasure, to think thoughts, to see sights, to touch, to taste, to know what it is to be alive. Unfortunately, it gets so caught in its identity as a body mind entity, that it gets trapped in the circle of life and death by believing that is all there is to it. So it creates circumstances for itself to recall its true source. Those maybe of recurring patterns of pain and sorrow which make it question the purpose of life, or an unquenchable thirst for belonging, wanting to be enveloped in the arms of a beloved, only to be disappointed and hurt again. And when it feels drawn to the peace and glow of a spiritual and meditative being and has some flashes of being beyond body-mind through its connection with this divine being, its quest for peace and home finds direction. And through it all, it learns that what sustains it, is Love, the love of the Light. To which is travels, every night, to rest in the heart of the Divine.


In manifesting, as a physical being is the soul’s tribute to life. In letting it rise to and rest in its source every night, and reminding it of it’s Divine origin by bestowing it with that memory and vision, is Life’s Tribute to the Soul.


In gratitude

Signature of Artist Annu Kalra