One on one sessions with annu kalra can be fixed up over mail or on Whatsapp  +919811029933 

Individual sessions are offered on formulating rituals for personal growth and spiritual development, dealing with relationship issues, anxieties & emotional congestion, handling grief & loss, removing energy blockages, developing leadership potential, learning self-healing techniques and healing mantras and dealing with many other mind-body soul issues interfering with one’s sense of well-being.

annu operates from the level of sharing of energy. Her mere presence and talking has a calming and healing effect on most people. Some people like to just come and sit in silence. Others vent out completely and feel a catharsis in the process. She gently guides people to discover the answers from within them by bringing them to a greater level of clarity by shedding light on the various aspects in a very holistic manner. The techniques she uses range from contemplative periods of silence, visualization techniques, chanting sessions, yogic aasanas & pranayama, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, different kind of meditations (some she has formulated specially to help deal with modern day issues like stress and heart trouble), discussions on Scriptures, Q & A sessions and even personal reading from her own designed guidance cards ‘Aavirbhaav’.

Charges are Rs.3,500 per hour whether in person or over phone or on Skype.

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