annu conducts workshops & group sessions on demand.

Musings & Mystical Art Workshops –  An unfolding of an understanding of religious icons happens in these workshops. The Ancient people were very intelligent. They created elaborate systems of rites and rituals to aid people in their self-discovery and self-actualization, idol worship being one of them. annu explores this aspect in her workshops. By interpreting & explaining the traditional wisdom in a modern context and in a relevant manner, she helps people arrive at a space of greater well-being.

Harnessing Leadership Potential- the spiritually inspired way  – For top & middle management personnel. This is where annu fuses her experience from the corporate world and understanding of the inner world to share practical tools and procedures by which people can manifest their leadership potential.

Living stress free & with a healthy heart – For top & middle management personnel. The Healthy heart meditation formulated by annu is supporting people in their quest for greater well-being. Developed in conjunction with her friend Muni Jayant, this is one of the simplest and easy to do techniques for people with hectic lives. A combination of specific chants and visualisations, annu has also shared this meditation in her book ‘Aavirbhaav‘.


Charges vary depending on time spent and number of participants. Roughly, for a two hour workshop with a max of 15 participants the charges would be Rs. 30,000/-. Expense for the travel and stay of annu(and an assistant for larger groups) will be borne by the Organisers. In order to invite her to speak at events or to conduct group sessions or perform interactive Havans contact on mail – or Whatsapp at +919811029933

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