Category: Hinduism

From my Own Garden

An Art teacher I had once approached to learn Calligraphy advised me to “share only that which is from my own garden”. He even wanted me not to paint Sufi dancers; just focus on painting Hindu deities! It was like someone was denying me access to Rumi. Can the beauty of a mystic be denied to those...

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When the weary body rests in deep sleep, the true self rises to merge with its source and rest for a while. Upon awakening the same body –mind feels recharged, rejuvenated. Ready again to face the trials and tribulations of the manifest world. While we may seek pleasurable experiences and seek to...

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Decoding Hanuman

As a young kid watching mythological films and serials one thing that used to disturb me the most was the portrayal of Hanuman in Ramayan.  I couldn’t understand what I thought was the servile attitude of the supposedly most...

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Till the Cows come Home

My very dear friend complained this morning about my lack of response on a post she had recently done about the lynching of the man in Dadri for allegedly eating beef, cow slaughter and the upheaval in all echelons of society,...

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The traveler of Varanasi

Yes, Varanasi is the holy city, the oldest continuous city of the world, the city where every deity from every faith has representation, the city where people go to die, the city where there are crematoriums where the fire of the funeral pyre has not gotten extinguished in over a hundred years,...

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Gupt Navaratri

From the 17th of July 2015 begin the Ashadha Navratri, also known as Gupt Navratri and also as the Gayatri Navaratri. These are not the days when you will find special thali meals for those observing the fast at fast food...

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