Annu Kalra attempts to support others in their quest for peace and self-discovery through individual and group sessions. She functions as a Facilitator and avoids being referred to as Master, Guru or any reference that evokes power wielding imagery. Away from any isms, she has drawn from various practices and teachings of many masters and then interpreted and adopted them to modern day needs. The techniques used range from Yogic aasans, Vedantic concepts, contemplative periods of silence, visualization techniques, chanting sessions, meditation, discussions on Scriptures, Q & A sessions and much more. “The world outside is a reflection of our inner world”, she says, “If we want better things for ourselves in the external, we need to address our internal space and make it more peaceful.”

Who can take sessions with her?

Those who feel they need support to get to a better place.

What happens in the sessions?

Annu operates from the level of sharing of energy. Her mere presence has a calming and healing effect on most people. Some people like to just come and sit in silence. Others vent out completely and feel a catharsis in the process. She gently guides people to discover the answers from within them by bringing them to a greater level of clarity by shedding light on the various aspects in a very holistic manner. As she is committed to nothing other than universal peace and well-being, people find it safe to share their deepest beliefs without fear of judgment. She helps people discover the ritual or meditation that can take them towards greater peace. Some people come to meditate with her.

How important is meditation?

A settled mind, which is one of the results of meditation, brings greater clarity, which could result in many benefits ranging from greater material benefits & prosperity, better health & vitality, loving & peaceful relationships and above all peace.

How many sessions do people need?

That is difficult to say as it depends on each individual and his/her situation. Many a people have benefitted from even just a single session, while some people have been associated now for years, coming back to her every month or every other month. On an average it has been observed that people who need to make attitudinal shifts meet once a week for atleast six months before they move on to meeting once a month.

Are there any stories that you can share?

Annu does not talk about her Clients. The few testimonials that have been willingly provided have been shared on the website. Unlike with trained therapists and Counsellors, who abide by oaths that make them stay detatched, annu involves herself in the lives of those who become a part of her life. She believes in the concept of Vasudevaaye Kutumbakam, the entire universe is a family.

If she is spiritually inspired, why does she charge? Wasn’t spirituality free in the olden times?

Yes it was free in the olden times, so was drinking water. We have moved away from those systems now. As the wisdom of the past is being reinterpreted to be relevant to current times, so is the manner of teaching and sharing. The ancient knowledge is definitely priceless, she is only charging for the time cost. As a householder, dispensing with her own responsibilities she has taken on the mantle of sharing the wisdom with those in need of it.

I do not want to go for personal sessions? Can I join some group sessions?

Yes, group sessions and workshops are conducted from time to time, details of which are provided under the events section on the website.

Why can’t I just follow the many techniques available on the net?

Yes you can, if they work for you, that is good.

Will I become more peaceful by attending one workshop?

Attending even one workshop will certainly help, but you will have to make some effort and incorporate the lifestyle changes shared in order to get sustainable outcomes and continue benefiting from them.

What is her philosophy?

She steers clear of isms and has drawn from various practices & teachings of many masters and then interpreted & adopted them to modern day needs. Since everyone is different, she uses different methods with different people. Which is also why she does not take very large numbers in her workshops. The techniques used range from Yogic aasans, contemplative periods of silence, visualization techniques, chanting sessions, meditation, discussions on Scriptures, Q & A sessions and much more..

Can diseases be cured through meditation?

People have been known to cure even cancer through meditation and self healing. That requires sustained effort and commitment. General improvements in health and well- being can be felt very quickly though.

Are there workshops for Organisations?

Yes. If an organisation wants to conduct a workshop for a large number of employees and makes all the arrangements, annu can come and do the needful. Alternatively Organisations can send their employees to her workshops. You need to send a mail to and someone will get in touch with you.

How does any Corporate benefit from such programmes?

Annu’s training sessions help people learn techniques to reduce stress and enhance well-being. They are even able to become better team players and have more meaningful relationships. Earlier Corporates provided its employees medical benefits and club memberships but in the current scenario of increased stress and mental health issues, training programs like annu’s that help people become mindful and peaceful have become more important. The productivity of an employee who is at peace will be much greater than that of one who is stressed.

Is it true that putting her paintings at home will improve things?

That’s like saying having a treadmill at home will improve fitness! Her paintings, or what she calls Heartworks can be very effective tools for meditation. If people are committed to their well-being and will practice the meditation associated with the painting, they shall certainly benefit. But if they are not interested in that, the painting should be bought for the same reasons that any other decorative item at home is purchased, for the joy and the aesthetic value associated with it. Annu is against instilling fear in people, or taking advantage of their vulnerability and making them buy expensive works of art by giving false assurances. Some people do buy her paintings saying that since she has painted it, her energy becomes a part of their home and their issues get resolved. She is grateful for their faith in her, and believes it is the power of their faith and the intrinsic nature of the iconic representations that she paints which accomplish the tasks that they attribute to her. For eg. a bright vibrant painting of the Mother Goddess when looked at lovingly, will surely alter the vibrations of a home.