I have often been asked by people – Do you believe in Astrology? Do you believe that the future can be predicted? Do you believe in Destiny? I pondered a lot on the subject. I have Astrologer friends who have given me predictions that have come uncannily true. My own tarot cards have often whispered to me about things to come. But then how do i guard myself against the possibility of becoming superstitious frightened person, unable to function without the help of soothsayers and a hundred different rings! The only safeguard i realise is understanding and attitude. When we experience lack of well being like fatigue, sleeplessness etc. we seek advice from a health professional. We are advised some tests. The bloodworks could reveal for eg. that the patient suffers from Anemia. More investigations could reveal the nature of the same..either a deficiency of Iron or Calcium etc. The Doctor could then prescribe some supplements while he may advice further investigations depending upon the case history and severity of the symptoms. Now these supplements of Calcium or Iron or Vitamins cannot be a substitute for good diet. These are only for getting relief while the underlying cause is discovered and addressed. Eventually good health is a function of good lifestyle and good dietary habits(with few exceptions like auto immune disorders perhaps). The supplements can at best do what their name says – supplement, they cannot substitute. A good Healer who understands the case will always counsel on making lifestyle changes and attitudinal shifts that nurture good health. A bad one on the other hand will prey on the fears, suffering and helplessness and put the patient through needless procedures! Is it possible that : The Astrological Chart is like our blood works? It could reveal the pattern of life’s unfolding? A good astrologer could look at it and advice supplements like chanting a mantra or donating certain items? But whatever be the case no ring, no mantra can be a substitute for good karma. Wearing gemstones or lighting lamps cannot be an option to leading a well meaning life of intelligence and hard work. But just like taking vitamin supplements, it sure could give symptomatic relief and support while the underlying cause can be traced through a deeper understanding of one’s own psyche. A good Astrologer/ Guide could counsel and explain the traits that need transformation, while a bad one could feed on one’s fears and make a killing for himself! And as in the case of a patient who discovers an autoimmune disease which seemingly has no cure, if one were to find such an astrological parallel in one’s own life, one could become aware of it and cultivate an approach that helps deal with it better! It really is a matter of personal choice and life view. I mean while there are people who go for regular checkups despite being healthy, there are others who go through a lifetime not bothering about ailments. So really the point is not whether to believe or not to believe, but really if one does believe what approach to adopt! And if non belief has served one well, so be it. Gravity works on you whether you believe in it or not!

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