As a foodie I have always maintained that all things to eat are prasad from the Divine, not just the so called prasad from a langar or a temple! Is it at all possible to get even a morsel to eat without Divine will? The annamaya kosh is afterall the very dear to the Gods I have been told by some Pundits. Anyways to me the refreshing water of a dhaab is as Divine as charnamrut  and the quick upma made lovingly by my Mom is as satisfying as the kada prasad from the famous Gurudwara. All food in which the love of the cook has been interred is in fact the most delicious, but more about that another time. Having discussed my understanding of prasad, now let me get back to explaining my understanding of Prasad Buddhi and how it is applicable to day to day life.

Whether or not we believe in God or higher energies, very few of us have a disbelief so strong that when offered prasad we decline rudely. Usually whenever someone offers us prasad, we all gratefully accept. Those of us who have beliefs which take us to holy places like Temples or Dargahs or any other holy places, we usually take an offering. The offering could be fruits, sweets, money, flowers, clothes or any other item we are inclined to offer. The Priest or any other representative or manager there takes from us what we offer and keeps part or all of it and gives us back something else. Sometimes we have given a kilo of mithai and got back a single laddoo, at others we may have brought a small flower and be given back a garland or a nariyal. Whatever we receive, we never judge, we just gratefully accept and be happy about it. We may even consume it there and then, save some to bring for our loved ones or share with others there depending on the situation and item. But irrespective, the attitude is of gratitude!

This state of being for me is the state of prasad buddhi. In this state is a sense of gratitude and of trust that all is and will be well. The trials and tribulations of life if any seem less tedious and more manageable. There is no anxiety about the future. That moment is complete. One of accepting and absorbing whatever has been meted out. The thought of evaluating input-output equation does not even occur. In case it is a very crowded or difficult to access place, we feel exhilarated that we got an opportunity to make an offering and that our offering was accepted. We feel special, a adhikari of the chance to make the journey and have the darshan. What we have received becomes priceless. If its a walnut we received, we are excited about finding ways to break it open, not at all daunted if it is too hard to bite and break open. We even dig deep into the broken casing retrieving every bit of the elusive nut. If it is a coconut we bring back home, we quickly decide to cook something that requires coconut in the next meal. If it is a flower the Lord showered us with, we carefully press it into a book.

What if one could stay in this state of prasad buddhi? Be grateful for whatever is received without evaluating the effort-reward equation? The more difficult a task is, the greater sense of exhilaration we experience at its completion? Make the best with whatever the result without complaining or cribbing about the nature of the outcome?

There is this saying – If life gives you lemons, make lemonade…it could well have been, if temple gives you coconut, make puranpoli 🙂  and of course share it with others…cause how many can one eat by oneself?

In gratitude