Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron. Cause typically surrender means to give up, especially in the face of circumstances where there is no strength or resources left to fight any more. Like a meek acceptance of recognition of lack of ability to go on. Like a last resort to salvage what one can of an unpleasant situation, knowing there is only more to lose if one went on! So how can something that stems out of a sense of helplessness be powerful?

However, there is a version of Surrender which is very empowering. This surrender happens not at the end of a task, but at the very beginning. It emerges from having experienced grace. It grows out of the recognition of the supreme intelligence and goodwill of the consciousness that runs the Universe. It is made steadfast by the resilience of beings that hang-on to goodness and magnanimity despite being submerged in depravity and darkness from time to time.

To experience its enormous potential in our lives, one needs to adopt it, to make it a part of our everyday life. Those who are experiencing distress and unhappiness at the seemingly unfair hand that life has dealt out may not find it very easy. When despite all one’s efforts and tremendous hardwork, the outcomes have not exactly been encouraging, how can there be positive results through surrender they say. They may believe what they need is techniques that give greater focus, more motivation, better control. But instead, here I am advocating ‘Surrender’. Whether it is a dilemma in the professional realm, an impasse in a relationship or a struggle at the health front, just for 24 hours, don’t fight, just surrender!

This surrender can be learnt, it can be practiced, it can be self taught. The whole cornucopia of Religion and God has been built around it. But one does not have to believe in any of that in order to make it work for oneself. It be sufficient to accept that one may not be as much in control as one believes one is. This is not to say one should stop trying or working hard. It is only to recognize that there might be a power outside of the limited power one recognizes as one’s own.

Surrender to this gigantic power that is propelling the Universe, instead of depending solely on one’s own will power and capabilities. To admit the possibility of this is actually the beginning of surrender. Just for one day, practice it. You will realize that you work with greater focus, because the worry about outcomes does not keep you occupied. And you do not worry about outcomes simply because you began with a sense of surrender. And to be surrendered means not to agonize over what may or may not happen. It may surprise you as to how much more productive you become. How much more available you become to the opportunities that come your way, how much more sensitive you become to feedback which therefore allows for course correction.

Keep doing whatever you need to do, but accept every outcome with that sense of surrender. End of the day, see if you feel empowered enough to repeat the process for another day, and then another. As the sense of surrender gets rooted inside, the world outside shall unfold in a more seamless manner, setting into motion an upward spiral of feel-good not just for yourself but also for those whose lives you touch.

In surrender

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