Don’t be limited
By the weight of the sand
That pleasant softness on a beach
Sandcastles breaking in the hand

Don’t be limited
By the weight of the scale
That glass holding the wine
Following a molten trail

Don’t be limited
By the weight of the world
That metal under the earth
Gold, Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald

Don’t be limited
To just a coloured gem on a crown
Or a diamond of clear hardwork
perhaps glass and easy to break down

Be like oxygen
Flowing through air and water
Carrying the stream of life
Starting with working it smarter

Create like a plant
Nourish the environment and heal
Don’t deplete out the oxygen at night
Regenerate the air and believe

Share like a caring child
Give as you’ve been nurtured
Consume like a survivor
Conscious of the involved rigor

Protect like a mother
That who has complete strength
Transcending all boundaries while others
inertly pray to her for their good health.

So, this above poem was shared with me by my son Saksham. When I enquired who wrote it, he said Me only! As any parent would empathise, i had a moment. A moment, where suddenly, everything becomes still, the silence deepens and a sense of gratitude emanates from the heart for having had that moment. Normalising myself and even acknowledging that I’m probably over reacting and being mushy, i express that I didn’t know he wrote and ofcourse also give him objective feedback. In a very matter of fact manner he responds saying – “Glad you liked it. It is what I think you would tell me”.

Yes my Son…I’m glad too. This is really what I would tell you, and everybody else –  Don’t be limited ; so I’m sharing it here on my blog. And in that quest for our limitlessness, anchored in genuine care and nurturing, putting our complete strength behind our efforts, we will transcend all boundaries, we will recognize we are all One, there is no other!

In admiration

Signature of Artist Annu Kalra