Tag: gratitude

Salutations to Ma Saraswati

There are so many aspects, interpretations as well as rituals associated with every Deity that the Scriptures are replete with stories and anecdotes. Each one of us can derive that which most resonates with our own inner self. As the many WhatsApp messages and FB posts were surfacing today with...

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Thanking the Mother Support System

Of all the roles and relationships I have had, motherhood has been the most gratifying, the one that has made me feel most complete. I was born to be a mother. Even as a little girl I would look after little babies wherever we went. My Ma used to say that people get a muft ki aaya(nanny for free)...

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Prasad Buddhi

As a foodie I have always maintained that all things to eat are prasad from the Divine, not just the so called prasad from a langar or a temple! Is it at all possible to get even a morsel to eat without Divine will? The annamaya kosh is afterall the very dear to the Gods I have been told...

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