Month: June 2015

Nothing is impossible.

As a 10 or 11 year old many years back I had seen a coaster which had a weird looking graphic man holding up a pencil or something saying – Who says nothing is impossible, I have been doing nothing for years! At that age when life was all about doing well in studies, scoring marks, winning awards and accolades, winning approval of parents and teachers, this funny little man on the coaster was like my 1st tryst with wit and humor. (I hadn’t encountered Mad comics as yet!) It is one of my initial memories of how a different...

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The healing power of Trust

Anyone who has known betrayal knows the long period of helpless hurting that follows. Whether the betrayal is of a spouse/lover who cheated on you, a friend who bad mouthed you instead of confronting you with his/her opinion, the Boss who did not stand up to the review board for your promotion after giving reassurances for months and making you slog, the sibling who mysteriously got aged parents to write all their family property in his/her name, the self styled Guru who in the name of trust and God took away everything dear to you, which could include your...

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