That’s like saying having a treadmill at home will improve fitness! Her paintings, or what she calls Heartworks can be very effective tools for meditation. If people are committed to their well-being and will practice the meditation associated with the painting, they shall certainly benefit. But if they are not interested in that, the painting should be bought for the same reasons that any other decorative item at home is purchased, for the joy and the aesthetic value associated with it. Annu is against instilling fear in people, or taking advantage of their vulnerability and making them buy expensive works of art by giving false assurances. Some people do buy her paintings saying that since she has painted it, her energy becomes a part of their home and their issues get resolved. She is grateful for their faith in her, and believes it is the power of their faith and the intrinsic nature of the iconic representations that she paints which accomplish the tasks that they attribute to her. For eg. a bright vibrant painting of the Mother Goddess when looked at lovingly, will surely alter the vibrations of a home.