Month: February 2016

Salutations to Ma Saraswati

There are so many aspects, interpretations as well as rituals associated with every Deity that the Scriptures are replete with stories and anecdotes. Each one of us can derive that which most resonates with our own inner self. As the many WhatsApp messages and FB posts were surfacing today with greetings and blessings for Basant Panchami  & salutations to Ma Saraswati, I remembered a conversation between my Mom and I. Always bursting with curiosity, as little girls are, I had once enquired looking at a Calendar with images of Ma Lakshmi & Ma Saraswati about who they were. Mom said to me – “This is Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth & this is Ma Saraswati, the Goddess of Studies. Ma Lakshmi sits on a lotus, because wealth is not stable and can be erratic. Ma Saraswati on the other hand sits on a Rock, because knowledge once gained can never be lost and will always stand solid by you.” My grades in School are testimony to how profound an effect that had on me and how committed I got towards having stability in my life. In typical middle class Punjabi attitude prevalent in those times, she missed out telling me about the Goddess being the custodian and benefactor of all Creativity too. Can’t blame her though; music, painting and dance were not considered such great investments of a student’s time in those...

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A Tribute to Yukti

When I learnt this morning that Yukti had passed away, along with the sadness which is inevitable at the passing away of someone known, I also found myself smiling fondly. She and I weren’t particularly close, even the relationship wasn’t too direct, more like a Basanti relationship from Sholay. She was the daughter of my late ex husband’s first cousin, though the same age as him and also his classmate in school for many years. For very long I kept thinking about how she could be described. She didn’t hold any high level job or education, yet she had a keen intelligence and an enterprising attitude. She had an intrinsic sense of freedom which was very rare in that family. She defied norms without being an activist.  Making quiet contributions without seeking recognition, daring to speak her mind without making a hue and cry about it, always full of fun and laughter, many times even at her expense, but yet not losing her sense of humor and taking everything in stride. When I had just joined the family I was told stories from people in the family about how much she had danced at her own Sangeet and Reception. Mind you, in those days, brides were expected to be demure and shy and those who had spoken thus about her had not done so in admiration, but rather as...

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