Month: May 2015

The Importance of being Earnest

Earnestness and sincerity have often gotten my attention even more than talent has. I have found myself to have more patience with people when their attitude is right even if on the aptitude front they may not make the cut. What I thought was probably a desirable psychological aspect, I realize more and more is a deeply spiritual event. Earnestness is a visible sign of real understanding. When a smoker truly understands the harm smoking does, the efforts to kick that habit become earnest. There is no associated drama or lofty statements, just a quiet sincere effort to quit....

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Que Sera Sera- Whatever will be will be

Ten days back when my Ma was getting discharged from the hospital, the nurse was emptying the drawers in the table next to her bed, putting all the medicines she would need over the next few days in a bag and disposing off unnecessary stuff, empty bottles etc. There was this brand new lone syringe and needle which I instinctively reached out for and said I’ll take that. I couldn’t think of why I would need an injection, but what the hell, I do a lot of things I should not do, knowing the consequences. Like I know what...

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The big O

Few years back I remember thinking – what if an earthquake is the Earth having an orgasm? After today’s earthquake the same thought visited me again. I wondered if I should dare to share it. I mean here I share my thoughts on such poignant subjects, issues which are close to our hearts. But then, wait, what is so off about this? I know the earthquakes have affected the lives of millions of people, left them homeless, struggling to survive in the most challenging circumstances. So by drawing a parallel between such a natural calamity and a sexual climax,...

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Thanking the Mother Support System

Of all the roles and relationships I have had, motherhood has been the most gratifying, the one that has made me feel most complete. I was born to be a mother. Even as a little girl I would look after little babies wherever we went. My Ma used to say that people get a muft ki aaya(nanny for free) in me! While no one can dispute the role of a mother, there is also merit in the popular saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Wonder if one could draw an analogy between a Mother and...

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The Reality – Expectation Gap – Trap

I have never been too excited watching detective films. I didn’t even go for Detective Byomkesh Bakshi despite the fact that it is Dibaker’s film. While I’ve always been happy when my children have thrown me surprise birthday parties, they have often been disappointed by my reaction to the surprise. For someone who as per my eldest brother is very easy to please and gets easily excited, my reactions to surprises seem very lukewarm. I found the answer to this in my overall approach to life per se. While it may seem like a boring sort of thing, there...

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